Daily Archives: October 13, 2003

Knife or not?

Over the last week I’ve been thinking more and more about going for
the surgery straight away. The physiotherapy hasn’t made any real
difference – not my physio’s fault, she knows her stuff and is doing
her best for me – and the constant pain every time I want to do
anything is just too much. (Stay in the same position, fine: the pain
usually goes away, or is at least relieved somewhat. But as soon as I
change position – get up, sit down, walk, lie down, etc – the pain
returns. I’ve just had enough of it.)

I went to see my GP this morning for a referral to a
neurosurgeon. I’ve just made an appointment with one: I’m seeing him
this Wednesday. My GP will have to fax the referral letter through.

The neurosurgeon might tell me it’s not worth having surgery just yet.
Not sure how I’ll react to that.


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