Daily Archives: October 24, 2003

Rash boy

Taking it slowly. My tape rash is very visible and a bit itchy.
I put some cream on that I’ve got left over from the last time I had
this problem, but then notice that you’re not supposed to use it on
your face. I wash it off.

My brother’s helping a lot, volunteering to visit the chemists to
see if they have any ideas about the rash, and to take a letter to my
GP that the hospital gave me last night, presumably explaining the
surgery etc. He’s going to make dinner tonight as well.

I walk to the Texaco garage and back to buy a paper. That’s about
as far as I want to walk today. I have a lie down afterwards, my lower
spine aching a bit.

For the rest of the day I spend too much time on the computer. My
web site still isn’t working, bah.


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