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TV’s Avaragado

Avaragado appeared briefly on Anglia News this evening. Quite accidentally.

He was crossing Magdalene Bridge on his way home from doing a little shopping (no, he didn’t buy anything heavy) when he was startled to notice someone being interviewed ahead of him, with the camera pointing straight at Avaragado’s handsome fizzog.

Attempting nonchalance, he drifted into the road to avoid clattering into the interviewee, and promptly forgot all about it.

At 10:30 this evening he switched to ITV1 for Harry Hill’s TV Burp to be confronted almost immediately with the very interview. And there, in the background, he was. No startle-face. Seamless road-driftage. Very professional. A TV natural.

Avaragado is still available for panto.


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Bang, ooh, etc

Traditional bonfire night
festivities last night: to Midsummer Common for the fireworks
(my photos)
then to the Hotpot for a chinese meal. I think we cleared them out of white wine again.


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