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A visit to the surgeon

It’s three weeks since my surgery, time for my first follow-up appointment with the neurosurgeon. It’s all good news.

The residual pain I occasionally feel is perfectly normal, he says; most people are in more pain than me at this stage. The nerve root is still recovering from the original problem, so it’ll take a few more weeks for the pain to fizzle out completely. Even so, I might be left with something niggly, but nothing I can’t live with.

I can now start to do more things, like drive again. Everything in moderation: walking, swimming, cycling. (Hmm, maybe I should take up swimming.) I shouldn’t jog (ha!) or play badminton until about six months after the surgery, as all that running about jars the spine too much.

Rather to my surprise, he’s happy for me to ski in January, as long as I take it easy. (I wonder whether I should try ski boards/snow blades/whatever they’re called?)

He wants to see me again about three months after the surgery – just before I go skiing, preferably – for a final all-clear.


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