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Went to see the play Bouncers last night, by (hold on to your lunch) John Godber, and starring Nasty Nick from EastEnders, Terry from Corrie, and two others who apparently didn’t deserve a billing by the Corn Exchange (though those two had a bit more, shall we say, range, than the big names).

We had front row seats: close enough to see the whites of their eyes and the froth of their spit. The two non-soapies nearly cracked up near the end (“Lucky Eddie’s fourth – and final – speech”), just after a scripted roll-on-floor by Terry-from-Corrie was followed by an unscripted pick-up-coins-that-fell-out-of-my-pocket by same.

Avaragado’s score: three melons.

I’ll stop writing now before this turns into an essay.


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