Daily Archives: December 3, 2003

Dole scum cripple update

It seems people are hanging on my every word here. Or Chris is, at
least. Time for an update then.

The spine thing: I’m sure I’m getting better, but some days
it doesn’t feel like it. On the bad days it hurts when I do this, for
various values of this, and I have to watch every step I take: an
uneven paving slab or all-elbows pensioner can surprise a range of
muscles in painful ways. On the good days I have to be careful: no
running across roads (the little green beeping man is my friend), no
fast moves, an avoidance of comfy chairs. I haven’t gone back to the
physio yet, but I will do soon.

The job thing: Had my first regular sign-on session on
Monday. Painless. I’m working on my CV and looking for jobs. No, I
am, honest! I don’t know the meaning of procrastination, me. Hang on,
I’ll look it up. And maybe dip into the interweb for examples. Wander
down to Borders to see what a newer dictionary says. That sort of

Will it be Summer soon?



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