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Hutton whitewash

Hutton has cleared the Government and blamed the BBC for everything. I imagine that heads will roll at the BBC.

The PM is now pontificating and gloating in the House of Commons. A House of Commons, incidentally, that’s whooping and hollering and jeering, full of fake outrage and indignation that shows it at its absolute worst.

It is shameful that the only inquiry about the Iraq war has been about a dodgy early-morning radio report that led to a single unfortunate death.

About the non-existent reasons for going to war, nothing.

About the plagiarised dossier, nothing.

About the failure to properly protect the troops, nothing.

About the use of cluster bombs, nothing.

About the failure to follow the Geneva Conventions, nothing.

About the blatant sell-off of Iraqi assets to US companies, nothing.



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More form fun

OK, this is very nerdish. But here’s another one! I’m filling in a stupid form for Chris, with freeform text boxes. The instructions for these state:

Please limit each comment field to 2500 characters or less. Text should be typed in a continuous line, without using carriage returns.

Did someone uninvent input handling while I wasn’t looking?


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Today it is winter

It snowed overnight. Later I shall frolic upon it. Had I a sledge, and had Cambridge a hill, I would be very surprised. I’ll have to make do watching kids throw themselves off Castle Mound on tea-trays.

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