Daily Archives: January 29, 2004

Brains, brains

Last night I dreamed about zombies. Twice.

First time was a traditional chase dream: lots of us running away from something, lots of stairwell descents (a standard Avaragado dream feature: I usually jump down entire flights). It was very televisual; there was a “time passes” segment, where a serene image of a village with hills in the background faded into a flooded disaster area, with oddly lowered hills (zombie strip mining?). I only saw a zombie in a sort of coda to the dream; I think I woke up, thought “zombies” and went back to sleep again, at which point a zombie attacked me and I sliced him into several pieces with an axe.

Second time was more like comedy zombies. Imagine a zombie making a guest appearance in Coronation Street. A bit of verbal conflict, some comic zombie stupidity, and northern accents. There was a very good special effect, though: someone’s face morphed strangely into someone else’s upon zombification. I don’t think it ended on a soap-style cliffhanger.

Whatever can it all mean?



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