Daily Archives: April 15, 2004

Happy birthday to me

I guess I can’t get away with saying “early 30s” any more. It’s definitely “mid 30s” now.

Turning 35 means that I suddenly find myself part of a different demographic. The box I tick is now “35-49” instead of “18-34”. I am officially a cardigan-wearing, slipper-collecting, Radio 2-listening middle-aged man.

I’ve done my best to subvert this on day one of the new demographic by buying myself some new jeans and trainers and a new shirt. I’m not “trying to regain my youth” – I’ve always worn jeans and trainers and don’t see any reason to change. I’m a kidult I suppose (though I’ve never read Harry Potter, nor The Amber Spyglass).

I thought about finishing with a comedy burst of yoof-speak, but then realised I don’t actually know any. Phat, is that one?



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