Daily Archives: June 16, 2004

Quiet please

I’ve just delivered a beta release for the TTA SGD EE training course, and now I’m writing a multiple-choice exam for the students. I think I’d prefer to be taking the exam rather than writing it.

It’s not so much coming up with the questions (mind you, I need about 200) but figuring out the three wrong answers for each. I know the theory: one right answer, one nearly right answer, and two madly wrong answers. I just don’t think I’m programmed to create wrong answers. I think I might burn out a valve and start to smoke, like computers in Star Trek.

So I’m prevaricating a bit. Writing blog entries and the like.

It’s very enlightening to read the multiple-choice exam for the previous iteration of this course. It includes gems like the following:

  1. What tools does Tarantella Enterprise 3 provide for administration?
    • The Control Center
    • The Object Manager and the Array Manager
    • The Control Center and the Object Manager
    • All of the above

The correct answer is marked as, guess what: D. (It should be B.)



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