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Say banana

Monkey portraits by a professional photographer. Fantastic.


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People’s Republic of Diarrhoea

I’m watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics, as is my custom. It seems that, this year, to be part of the procession of athletes it helps if you are in fact an old fat man.

Yeah, I know, coaches and officials. Maybe that’s what I should do. I’ll become an old, fat official for an easy-to-officiate obscure Olympic sport, like archery, and then I can take my rightful place in Team GB. I’ve always fancied being waved at by politicians.

Oh my god, Bjork’s on. Miming and dressed as an unkempt duvet. Very Olympic.

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Totally tropical taste

Enter bathroom fully clothed, close door, turn on hot shower (don’t get in!), wait five mins.

That’s approximately the feel of Cambridge today. It reminds me a bit of the Maldives, but without the sand, sea or strawberry milkshakes.


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Wherein Avaragado ducks and covers

Today’s junk mail in full:

  • Thinking of hiring a skip? Think again!
  • Flat roof problems solved permanently with Rubberbond EPDM Roofing Systems
  • Fed up painting your roofline?
  • Preparing for emergencies: what you need to know

Yes, my copy of HM Government’s all-purpose guide to bee stings, fire/lift incompatibilities and terrorist attacks has arrived. Naturally there’s already a spoof of the real thing.

I now know I have to go in, stay in and tune in if there’s an emergency. Hang on, isn’t that what I do most nights anyway? Is an emergency just like any other night, but with an extended News?


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I’m back on the Cambridge Business Park for a few weeks, in the same building as Bob but on the ground floor. Courtesy of the newly de-chipped Bovster I’m working on a demo web site for Ant. Interesting project, and working for a browser company should be fun.

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