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Olfactorial news

Heffers is the only place that smells like Heffers.

That is all.

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Pow! Whack! Climb! Sit!

So this Fathers 4 Justice bloke scaled a wall and sat on a Buckingham Palace ledge dressed as Batman for five hours. Security breach, hand-wringing, etc.

Various rentaquotes are subsequently wheeled in and out of media interviews. Something Must Be Done, won’t anyone think of the children, etc.

And then the comment I’ve been waiting for. J. Random Expert declares that the police could tell that he wasn’t a terrorist because he was dressed as Batman.

The obvious follow-up question — so what does a terrorist wear, then? — is sadly not asked. I note without comment that the self-proclaimed “comedy terrorist” who invaded Prince William’s birthday party at Windsor last year was dressed as, er, Osama bin Laden.



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