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Won’t someone please think of the children?

While in (where else?) Borders this morning, Avaragado performed his good deed of the day.

Avaragado spotted a small child (ooh, about three years old) making a daring escape down the stairs, unaccompanied. Disregarding his own personal safety, he found a Bordersdroid (the one with the dreadlocks) who summoned Geoff.


Geoff, Avaragado was solemnly informed, was the store detective. So summoned, Geoff and his moustache swiftly located the child, and the world was saved.

Moments later a woman, clearly deficient in the child department to the tune of one, emerged wide-eyed, red-faced and in a hurry from behind a bookshelf and clattered down the stairs to be reunited with her offspring.

Like all good superheroes, Avaragado melted into the crowds.


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