Daily Archives: November 23, 2004

I wish to make a complaint

The BBC’s new green-ink bucket, for all those annoyed-from-Surbiton ranters who didn’t pay their licence fee to have something-or-other apparently forced into their eyes at gunpoint, is Newswatch. It’s only been going a few months, and the web site is even newer I think. Amongst other things they have so far confirmed that Vanilla Ice’s pet wallaroo is not, in actual fact, a cross, and that the French president is not Tony Blair’s spokesman.

But I like the A-Z list of correspondents (bottom of page).

Yes, I can see all the letters A-W (no X, Y, Z unsurprisingly). But as Eric Morecambe so nearly said, not necessarily in the right order.

This, I feel, is worthy of a correction.



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