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Spring, Present, Float, Hitch

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Spring arrived today. Almost certainly the warmest day of the year, and the first day for ages that I could drive home from work in daylight. Ah, that’s better.

I spent most of it in a stuffy, hot, artificially lit meeting room, as one engineering team presented stuff to anyone who was interested. I did my turn as doc boy. Mostly I stood at the back and filmed everything, since TPTB want those who couldn’t make it to see what went on. It will be, er, interesting to see my own presentation style. I must resist the temptation to edit myself out entirely.

In unrelated news, the company floated on Wednesday. We had champagne for lunch, as my photo shows. (Bob, that was why we were all outside the office having our picture taken.)

Tonight I went to Cineworld with Chris, Melanie and Louise to see Hitch. I was expecting a pretty lame oh-so-predictable romcom, but it turned out to be a not-too-bad oh-so-predictable romcom.

Avaragado’s rating: eight dark green leaves.


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