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The man with the noisy bag

The man with the noisy bag
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I see the gentleman on the bike in the photo nearly every time I go into town. You can tell he’s coming as his plastic bag emits music. A radio I imagine.

The last few times I’ve seen him have been here on Magdalene Bridge. He has predictable habits (that’s how I managed to get this photo): he cycles over the bridge (heading out of town), turns off his music, stops, maybe has a little rest and a drink, turns round, starts his music up again, and cycles back into town.

Of course I make no suggestion whatsoever that he is up to sundry acts of no good which may or may not include the sale of certain items from his backpack that might or might not fall foul of various laws. Especially since I myself wander aimlessly around town at weekends wearing a backpack, spending more time than is strictly necessary in Borders.

But it’s a bit weird.



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