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Avaragado’s crystal ballot box

Avaragado predicts…

  • Cambridge will go Lib Dem. I’ve barely seen any posters from other parties. Not that that’s a perfect indicator, but it’s in tune with my hunch.
  • Oliver Letwin will lose his seat.
  • Two independent MPs, no UKIP, no Green.
  • Lib Dems will have a net gain of between 10-20 seats.
  • Labour majority of about 50.


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Vote early, vote slowly

Vote early, vote slowly
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I had to queue to vote this morning. For half an hour! I’ve never had to queue before. I suspect the well-oiled machine hadn’t yet started firing on all blue-rinsed cylinders.

Half way through the queue – at about the doorway you see in my excellent photo – we were graced with the presence of Maurice Wilkes and wife, combined age 409. We let them jump the queue. He probably invented a sophisticated algorithm for queue jumping anyway, so it’s only fair.

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