Daily Archives: September 18, 2005

Snap snap

I bought a new camera yesterday: Canon Eos 350D. Yes, it’s a digital SLR. I’ve been threatening to get one for ages. Someone brought his to work on Friday; I borrowed it to take photos of staff for our intranet, and liked it. I woke up on Saturday morning, and decided to get one. No idea how that happened: that’s dangerously close to impulse buying!

I shunned the chain stores, naturally, and bought from Campkins. Pretty good deal, with a bundled case and 512 MB CF card (though that holds only 149 photos; I’ve still got my 1 GB Microdrive so I don’t think I’ll suffer greatly).

Of course, as Bov said, I should now get myself a tiny camera like a Digital Ixus to slip into my pocket when I don’t want to take the bigger one. One for casual, one for best. We’ll see.

The camera made its debut last night at Chris and Lynda’s birthday meal. Its second appearance was this morning, when Chris took part in the annual Chariots of Fire relay race with some others from Convergys. Chris and Melanie took some photos at both events too.

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