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Mai Thai Corpse Bride

You may remember Hobbs Pavilion. It was good, then it wasn’t.

Now it’s different. It’s “Mai Thai at Hobbs Pavilion“. Because Cambridge can’t have enough Thai restaurants, apparently. We went there last night.

Very pleasant, although I wasn’t a huge fan of the wine (didn’t stop me drinking it). Louise and Melanie were given (real!) orchids on the way out, I suspect because we were good tippers.

Avaragado’s rating: four carrots in the shape of three flowers.

We ate relatively early to have time to trundle across the road to the Picturehouse for a 9pm showing of Corpse Bride. Once you got over the realisation that it was Paul Whitehouse doing a softer version of his “old git” voice (not the “‘I’m afraid I was very, very drunk” one) in a Hollywood film, albeit a Tim Burton film, it was very enjoyable. We liked the tribute to Ray Harryhausen.

Avaragado’s rating: 100g of self-raising flour.


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From A to B

Today I handed in my notice at ANT and signed on the dotted line at Bango.

It was a tough decision, with many contributory factors in both directions. (Which I’m not putting here! You’ll have to wait for the autobiography for the full story.)

Naturally, the hardest part is leaving behind people I like (and easiest/dislike, of course). I’m sure I’ll keep in touch with some of them.

The Bango job is Head of Customer Interface, sure to be universally known as HOCI. I expect to be interfering in all sorts of areas, as is my wont.

So, a weird few weeks then. I’ve never resigned from a job before…

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The Universe forks

The next few weeks will be… weird.

No, I haven’t suddenly started fancying women.

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Last season of The West Wing to be shown on Channel 4: season 4.

Last season of The West Wing to be shown on C4 spin-off channel, E4: season 5. That was before E4 became available to everyone for free on Freeview.

The West Wing is now moving to More4, another C4 spin-off, which starts on Monday, and is also available on Freeview. First season they will show: season 6.

So unless you had E4 before it went free, The West Wing skips from season 4 to season 6. To compensate, there is apparently a 30-minute “catch-up” before the first season 6 episode is shown next Friday. Half an hour to cover an entire season.


Yeah, I know Sorkin left at the end of season 4 and it’s supposedly rubbish now, but that’s not the point!

Memo to self: BitTorrent.

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Just back from seeing Serenity with Louise and Melanie. (Chris demurred, muttering about towns in Arizona in the vicinity of Yawnzville.)

Call me a Joss Whedon fanboy if you want, and I suspect you will, and I suspect the cinema was full of them/us, but I thought it was a cracking film. The characters had, you know, character. There was no po-faced Star Trekkery with Data-learns-to-swear-style japes, nor was there dialogue-by-numbers a la George “Nooooooo-oo-oo-oo!” Lucas.

It got a little Buffyesque in places (s/vampires/reavers/g), and the ensemble cast meant the occasional feeling that it was character X’s turn for the funny line. But those flaws did not, as they say, spoil my enjoyment of the picture/film/movie. And Whedon’s ability to switch the mood in an instant is second to none.

Avaragado’s rating: one packet of dry roasted peanuts

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Tonight I shall be…

…lighting fork handles in his memory.

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A Tale of One City

Turns out I’m not going to Paris this week, or to Hong Kong next week. At least, that’s today’s thinking. It might all change again by the time I get into work tomorrow.

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Tick done next

That’s Rome done then.
My photos, Chris and Melanie’s photos.

Not shown in the photos:

  • The moment when Chris had his wallet nicked, and then later returned by the thief as Chris didn’t have any money in it.
  • The many and varied ways in which a Rome restaurant can forget to deliver part of your order, typically vegetables.
  • The contents of the Galleria Borghese, including a room full of Caravaggios.
  • The stuff that’ll have to wait for the video, including, but not limited to, a drunken few hours on the Spanish Steps.

Andy wrote notes about where we went when, so expect those to appear on his blog with his photos RSN.


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