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ANT Christmas party

Last night the ANT mob went to Chilford Hall for our Christmas party (venue for the SCO Christmas party in 1998, and Bob and Karen’s wedding).

Some of us were persuaded to wear DJs. Mine just about fitted, though I couldn’t do up the top button on my shirt (I probably never could). Not bad considering it was all bought when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister. I did splash out on a new bow tie, in squiddy memorial purple.

Food was not bad; wine was, well, remember the wine there in 1998? Much the same. It all got drunk anyway. I did not dance.

Sadly, just as things were starting to get warmed up, it all finished. At 11:15! As if we were all being picked up by our Dads after a night on the lemon squash at the youth centre. Pubs are open later than that nowadays! We were all sent packing in our taxis, and home by midnight.

I found out then that some people had gone back to Borris’s to continue drinking. Bah, I was too lazy to go out again.

Anyway, here are the photos.

Historical note: this party occurred exactly ten years to the day to the infamous Market Bosworth Leeds/Cambridge party. We never did find that false limb.


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