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Very, very good: If Microsoft designed the iPod packaging

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Good Night, and Good Luck

Ooh, didn’t they smoke a lot in the fifties?

Avaragado’s rating: some ginger

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A few days late, but I’ve been busy. Or lazy. One of the above. Or both.

Here are my Bath photos.

If you want words, see Andy’s or Lynda’s blog.

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Belle and Sebastian

Last night Chris, Melanie, Melanie’s mate Karen and I went to see Belle and Sebastian. Chris and I have previously seen them at the Albert Hall (with Sabrina) and that hot-and-kicking venue at the front door of the Inland Revenue, Somerset House. This time they came to us: the Corn Exchange.

There was a huge queue outside, but that was for Arctic Monkeys tickets at the box office. We were approached while queuing by a woman who asked us who we were seeing. “Belle and who? Never heard of them,” she said, and stomped off. Bah to her, I say.

The support band, Brakes I think they were called, specialised in, er, short, angry songs. One (they claimed it was their first single) lasted about 15 seconds. Others were shorter.

B&S performed a medley of old and new stuff – new album out in a few days, unless you’ve already found it on t’Internet. There was a twat in the corner drunkenly shouting out the names of the songs he wanted to hear (no, not Chris), but he was relatively harmless.

A good time was had by all.

Avaragado’s rating: eight sprouts

Oh, Chris wanted me to point to his skiing photos.


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