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Earlier tonight we went to see Transamerica – you know the one, that woman from Desperate Housewives putting on a deep voice and pretending to be a transsexual.

I enjoyed it. Funny in places, thought-provoking too. I confirm that I had no objection to the nudity.

About ten minutes into the film we were joined by Professor Stephen Hawking. The voice gave it away – he forgot to ratchet down the volume until he was settled. Glad to know that the greatest cosmologist of our time also doesn’t mind blocking the odd aisle for a good film.

He uses Eudora, by the way. Please note that I wouldn’t have said that if I hadn’t also been drinking.

Avaragado’s rating: 250g of broccoli florets


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Borders comedy

Borders comedy #2
Originally uploaded by avaragado.

Part 2 of 94…

(Part 1)

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Kids of today, etc

The Cambridge Union is the home of aspiring politicos but no aspiring proofreaders it seems. While selling copies of the Big Issue to bemused tourists this afternoon outside the Round Church I spied the following poster advertising upcoming “ents” (student slang for entertainments, or events) and talks. I found seven mistakes just reading it through. How many can you spot? (You might want to view it larger.)


Yes, I know this is super-nerdy.


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La Plagne 2006 video

10 min 58 sec, or 20.3 MB, of glorious widescreen ice is now available from Avaragado Pictures.

Anyone used Google Video or YouTube or similar? (Dis)recommendations?


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Birthday do

Last Saturday…

  • Ran about madly in the morning, getting things finished.
  • Made sure my new amp and speakers worked. (Spent some more money on Friday.)
  • Had the premiere of my new video – La Plagne 2006 – to a select few. Not yet uploaded. Started drinking.
  • Toddled as a group down to The Pickerel. Continued drinking.
  • Joined by others, including former workmates. Shazzie bought some champagne.
  • Went to La Margherita. Ate, drank.
  • Went to Sino Tap. Drank until Sunday.

Nothing much happened on Sunday.


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The Great Redundo

So ANT have kicked me out.

I was told last week that they were proposing to outsource my role (and also all documentation, my boggling readers) and that consequently, unless alternative employment could be found for me in a two-week consultation period, I would be made redundant. (This was about three weeks after giving me more line management responsibility and telling me this was the first step in growing my team.)

Today they cut short the consultation period, told me there was nothing suitable, and asked me to clear my desk and sling my hook. Which I did, via the pub with some workmates. People were still asking me questions about JavaScript and DOM virtually as I was walking out of the door.

Their loss.

I suspect, but cannot prove, that the directors have been replaced with space lizards. I think I saw one of them devouring a stunned gerbil on Monday.

No concrete plan yet except to take some time off. I might go freelance again.


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The actual best Chinese restaurant in Cambridge…

…is the Peking on Burleigh Street, where we went tonight, just down the road from the Shanghai.

Must have been the owner that took our order. She told us that she wouldn’t let us order food that wouldn’t go well together and insisted that we share everything. Told us all about how it was the colours, etc. Very passionate about her job, sign of a good restaurant.

And the food and wine were both very good indeed.

I was moderately embarrassing on exit, when I said the one word of Cantonese I can remember from Hong Kong, “m’goi” (thank you), to be met with blank looks – oops, Mandarin.

Silly drunk brit.

Avaragado’s rating: one fresh pan of sauce made from a secret recipe.

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