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Sciatic Atac

I’m really only posting this because I thought of the subject line. (What the hell am I talking about?)

Anyway. For the last few weeks my little unwanted friend has been visiting, on and off. Before my surgery it would kick in when I got up from sitting or lying down, and gradually wear off after n minutes/hours/years, depending. This time it seemed to cause pain when I lay down and signalled its ghostly presence at most other times through a vague feeling of pressure at the top of my right leg plus aches down the calves (all standard referred pain for sciatica).

I have no firm idea of the cause. Suspects include lack of exercise, excessive sitting, muscular surprises (some drooling cretin stops in front of you, forcing you to stop in a hurry or walk into him) and a spinal disc with a mind of its own (I think it moves about a bit).

I did the usual tricks: stood up and walked about a lot, avoided too much back strain (I’ve given badminton a miss for a few weeks) and did some prodding and poking (“physiotherapy lite”). It didn’t ease off, though – it got worse.

Lying on the floor on Monday lunchtime, inspecting the carpet, a Belle and Sebastian song popped up on iTunes. It reminded me of buying the album – a month or so before my surgery – and first hearing that song, while lying on the floor inspecting the carpet. Hmm, I thought.

I rang my physio and made an appointment for next Monday (nothing available sooner).

And when I got up the next morning, the sciatica had disappeared.

Expecting some cruel trick, I’ve acted as if it were still there but allowed myself to sit down a bit more (you can only stand or kneel for so many hours in a day). But it hasn’t (yet) returned, so today I cancelled the physio appointment.

Now I’m seriously considering thinking about possibly starting to go swimming every now and then. Oh, I’m so lazy.


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Wherein Avaragado realises he can still read that disk

A couple of months ago I blogged about my Palm’s forgetfulness, and my lack of backup of same due to disk fun and PC swappage.

Well, after a suggestion from Chef I just tried plugging the dodgy disk into my new PC. And it works fine. So I’ve recovered the last backup from Palm to PC, including my address book. The disk has now resumed its position on a bookcase, under the watchful eyes of Lego-based Jedi.

I’ve now signed up with Plaxo. Joyously my address books on Mac and PC are now automatically synchronised with the online version. Sadly I only appear to know two other people from Plaxo’s 15 million customers, so I don’t get all the benefits of the site (when they update their details my address book is magically updated). But having an offsite backup and synchronised address books is good enough for me.

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That’ll do nicely

Not that I have a thing about British Gas all of a sudden, but I was just paying my gas and electric bills on house.co.uk, their cranky, temperamental, slow web site. It gave me the usual dropdowns for card start and expiry dates.

But both have ranges 1900 to 2999. See the screenshot!

Yes, of course you can also select a start date in the future and an expiry date in the past.


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