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Things you shouldn’t laugh at

94. A small child bouncing a little too enthusiastically on the inflated part of a surf simulator – a kind of sawn-off bouncy castle with a hydraulic surfboard – and managing to eject herself headfirst over the bouncy wall into the rest of the pub garden.

She reappeared moments later with a dirty, confused face and tears in her eyes and was led off by her mother. Assorted onlookers wore their best “sympathetic-but-internally-guffawing” expressions.


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It’s that man again

Remember him? He’s reappeared and made contact. We had a brief conversation by email; here are the relevant extracts for your delight.

Him: … huge apology … genuinely sorry

Me: … unconvincing … explanation … deceit

Him: … point taken … awful year … should have … apologise

Me: … accepted … too late … irritated/amused by the way you scarpered … betrayed … trust

Him: … understand … bad time … cowardice … out of character

And that’s the end of that. Men!

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