Daily Archives: September 24, 2007

When spellcheck attacks

In my experience, surfing jobs sites is, by far, the activity most likely to lead to housework. My brain shuts down, all the buzzwords blur into a 48pt all-caps “SOLUTION” swirling around my head, and suddenly I have a clean bathroom.

Occasionally a job advert stands out for all the wrong reasons, such as the mismatch of skills, responsibilities and salary. Sometimes it’s the language used. This one’s a classic sentence, nestling inside the usual company hype:

My client is pioneering new technology which is being used within mobile internet for searching and already causing more than a few raised high brows.

I just love the way it starts out fine – correctly saying “my client is” rather than the ridiculously common “my client are”, before callously omitting the definite article before “mobile internet” and ending on what must surely be a Microsoft Word spellcheck disaster. I actually, literally, laughed out loud.

Yes, this blog entry is pure procrastination.



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