Daily Archives: November 25, 2007

News headlines

BONG! Printed Shazzie 31-hour brochure looks fantastic*; client reports a kick up the sales.

BONG! Design for 300-page superfoods book (by Shazzie’s friend Kate, published by Shazzie) nearly complete – waiting for remaining recipe photos mainly. Again, this is going to look pretty darn good.

BONG! Avaragado gives in and buys an iPhone. Currently a pretty brick while awaiting PAC (not PAC code).

Oink! Avaragado gives up the freelance life and starts a proper job tomorrow. Same company as Chris, but not working directly with him – I’m going to be messing around with intranet/extranet stuff (plugging things into other things, new tools, etc).

* Only one huge, glaring, in-your-face, mahoosive error that we should really have spotted, but never mind. It’s so blatant that people will probably miss it anyway and Shazzie has an excuseexplanation lined up if they do.


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