Family and friends

Mum and Dad visit for a couple of hours. I ask them to extract my
book, phone and Palm Pilot from my bag and turn on the TV, so I have
something to do other than get de-dozed every so often by the
blood-pressure machine.

I text Chris and get him to spread the word. Turns out I was too
subtle on my email yesterday, and many people reply to Chris along
the lines of “What surgery?”. Proof, if proof were needed,
that nobody reads my blog :-)

Chris turns up in person at about 5:30, for a quick visit.

Not long after 6pm my brother visits, and my dinner arrives. I’m a
bit grumpy, as I’m still plugged into various machines, can’t sit up
properly, and my starter is soup (pretty tricky to eat right
now). Eventually I give up and call the nurse, and persuade her to
extract me from the drip as it’s nearly finished anyway and the
anaesthetist said I didn’t need it.

While she’s unplugging me (leaving the line in), my phone rings.

“Can’t talk now, I’m having an operation,” I say to Rob, slightly
exaggerating. I don’t think the nurse approves. I tell Rob I’ll ring
him back later.

Feeling a bit less constrained, I manage to eat about half my
dinner. My brother eats the other half.


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