Some time later

Two nurses are gossiping by my bedside. I’m a bit cold. I can feel
the wound. There’s a drip plugged into my line, a blood-pressure armband,
and the heart-rate clothes peg.

My mouth is very dry. The nurses ask how I feel, and I croak a reply.
I’m not nauseous at all. I take a sip of water, which feels good.

I start shivering. This is common after anaesthetic. There’s a tin-foil
space blanket over me as well as the normal sheets and blankets.

I’m in Recovery. I’ll stay here until I’ve settled down enough –
stopped shivering in my case – to return to my room on the ward.

Sip, shiver. Shiver, sip. Croak. Gossip. Shiver.

The surgeon and anaesthetist pop in to check on me for a few moments.

I’m feeling pretty well, considering I’ve just had spinal surgery.
Must be the drugs.


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