Woozy lunch

Soup and Macaroni cheese. I unilaterally decide to sit up at about
60 degrees in bed to eat. Much easier to eat, but possibly a bit too
much for my back. After a few minutes I shift my right leg and feel a
bit light-headed for a second, so I flatten the bed out a bit.

After that and the morning’s exertions, I take it easy for an hour
after lunch.

Seemingly every fifteen minutes someone pops in to ask me whether
I’m staying for dinner tonight. To them all I repeat that I’m supposed
to be seeing the surgeon at some point today, and will find out
then. I agree with the umpteenth representative of the kitchen that I
won’t order any cooked meal, but will order sandwiches if I’m staying
as they can do those at any time of the day or night.


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