Chef’s birthday photos

We went to La Tasca last night for tapas. Very good it was too. Look at the photos.

I’ve also just put up similar photos from a hundred years ago.


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3 responses to “Chef’s birthday photos

  1. Anonymous

    I am sorry I was not there

    You know how it is you plan to go somewhere. Then that special phone rings yes its Commissioner Gordon saying a crime has occured in old Gothham city. So there I was having to change out of my trendy party wear into the usaul black caped clobber , sigh. Had a boring night dodging bullets saving women and fighting evil everywhere. Not to mention all those cats stuck up trees as WELL!!!!!Well by the time I went how Catwoman had pooed on my sofa AGAIN so by the time we had spaded her I missed all the frivolitys. Sorry guys ring ring oh no to the bat poles again!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Lost- One Brain

    Answers to the name of Dunglesword please tell me if found cheers

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