The prophecy is fulfilled

Squiddies and exsquiddies of some vintage will remember Mark Phillips, one-time product manager, occasionally known as The Captain.

He was in charge of things when we were adding arrays to the product for scalability. We originally called the array member in charge the “master”, and the subordinate servers the “slaves”. These terms were used in command-line tools, documentation, etc.

The Captain objected to “master” and “slave”, since they might possibly offend. We countered that master/slave was well-established terminology in the computer industry, but he wouldn’t budge. We eventually settled on “primary” and “secondary”, and cursed The Captain whenever we spotted another mention of “master” or “slave” that needed to change. (Some of us were still doing this five years later, as engineers occasionally wrote log messages using the original terminology, preserved in places deep within the code.)

What a waste of time, we thought. But it looks like The Captain was right all along. Los Angeles County recently announced that “based on the cultural diversity and sensitivity of Los Angeles County, [master/slave] is not an acceptable identification label“.



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2 responses to “The prophecy is fulfilled

  1. st1

    Re: Separated at birth

    I still maintain that using “Pimps” and “Hos” was best (see v 1.20.752)

  2. Anonymous

    They will never get the rest

    Ok, confession time. Remember when the code was going into escrow and we were all told to tidy it up. Well I didn’t. I didn’t alter a damn line.

    Yes there are references to crappy platforms (now off suing IBM) and to the slaughter of children and parents. Not to mention plugs for BON and Kylie’s ex-record company.

    It’s a pity we never had election style protocols like in SMB. I can quite easily see functions like PullABush() for those occasions when you don’t win, but want to rig it anyway. And who cares about -16,000 votes when there is no paper trail …

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