No more, I promise (for now)

Those of you with little to do will rejoice at the news of more photos in Avaragado’s gallery (pages 7 and 8), going back to 1995 in fact. So what’s in this selection?

Christmas (“Taxi for Heckford”) party. Punt (“I am cold”) race. Model (“Give it to Bob”) cars. Alton (“You said five minutes!”) Towers. Sarah and Ades’s (“I do”) wedding. Tim’s (“Look for the big X”) birthday. Christmas (“Simply the best!”) party. Wild (“I thought they couldn’t turn over?”) tracks. CID managers (“People-smuggling”) offsite. SCO development (“Stop micromanaging”/”No”) kickoff. Punt (“Weil’s disease”) race. Christmas (“Darth Vader’s breastplate”) party. Alton (“Philip’s leaving do”) Towers. Alpe (“I couldn’t stop”) D’Huez. Christmas (“False limb”) party.


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  1. Anonymous

    Nice too see…

    that someone saved all those photos from TTLA. Good work fella.

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