Thankful for small mercies

Received a letter today from the health insurance company. “It would appear from our records,” they say, “that your membership … was cancelled with effect from 1 November 2003.” Bless them for noticing. They carry on by regretting that they’ll be unable to pay the £150 charged by my surgeon for the fifteen-minute how-you-doing session three weeks ago (mmm, £10 a minute…).

“We trust that all is in order and return a copy of the account herewith.” How nice. Oh well, I’ll have to pay it myself I guess, with one of those old-fangled cheques.

So much for the promise to get in touch with me when Tarantella cancelled my membership so that I could be given the option of joining in a personal capacity.

Still, I got my money’s worth: they paid over £6000 for the scans, surgery and hospital stay. This was one (the only?) Tarantella benefit that did actually work out…


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