I only pressed two buttons!

Chris and Melanie showed off their new Media PC last night. Quite a few nice features, like photo slideshows while you listen to music, plus the usual “pause live TV” stuff.

I managed to crash it in two button-presses. Chris had shown one of my
videos that he’d downloaded,
and I pressed down-arrow and OK to return to some menu or other. Only it hung on OK. I performed the usual press-random-buttons manoeuvre, but it needed a hardware reset to poke it into life again. Naturally it insisted on checking the disk for problems, all the usual Windows gubbins. It finished by proudly presenting a Windows desktop, followed by a “Such-and-such program has had to close due to a problem” dialog, much to my surprise and amusement.

More work needed there, I think. (As Alan Cooper, in The Inmates are Running the Asylum, would say: “What do you get if you cross a computer with a TV? A computer”.)


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