Talkin’ Tolkien

Last night I dreamed of quests. Unlike The Return of the King, which
I’d just seen, the dreams had intermissions. I’d wake up, mutter “what the hell was that
about?”, turn over, and rejoin the dream. I think the dream was
marginally longer than the film.

Avaragado’s summary: Return of the King is good.

The effects in the film are, as you’d expect, pretty
staggering. Ten years ago Minas Tirith would have been attacked by a
couple of old men and an alsatian with stuck-on tusks. Now George
Lucas has a new target to beat for Episode III.

The film’s ending has been the main focus for criticism. It’s true,
it’s long. Hollywood would’ve used a different ending; but then,
Hollywood would never have made the film. I think that if you’re
filming the book, then you have to, you know, film the book. To get
ten hours in to the trilogy and then bottle out on the ending would’ve
been awful.

I admit it, I’m a fanboy. But even if you’re not, you have to admit
that Peter Jackson has filmed an unfilmable book, and done it
incredibly well. I never thought I’d see it on screen as I’d seen it
in my head. Time to read the book again, I think!

If you consider the entire trilogy, Jackson should walk away with the
major awards. Not just him: the production as a whole deserves proper
recognition. But will it happen?

Avaragado’s rating: three-and-a-half marrows.


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  1. Anonymous


    I’d have given it five courgettes rather than three-and-a-half marrows.

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