Ho ho and indeed ho

A very Merry Christmas to all my loyal readers.


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5 responses to “Ho ho and indeed ho

  1. Anonymous

    What about the disloyal ones?

    Bah humbug

    • st1

      Bah Humbug

      You can always spot Scrooge McBinns a mile off at this time of year…

      • Re: Bah Humbug

        Personally I missed Roger’s annual “Please don’t send emails telling me you’re on holiday over Christmas, because I don’t care” email.

        (I’m thinking of mailing tta_dev on January 1st, as a laugh, reminding them to fix copyright messages on commit.)

        • Anonymous

          Re: Bah Humbug

          Is there actually anyone left on tta_dev? What I find amusing is how all the automation still runs despite the “masters” being gone. For example the auto post the newsgroup terms and conditions every 60 days still happens despite Tobes being long gone. And of course they “forgot” to post about 3.4 to the announce newsgroup. And there is Flash on the homepage. Man are things going downhill. It has always been the attention to detail that makes the difference.

          I am also proud of not getting a single damn email telling me that someone is taking the holidays off. This is despite owning several mailing lists. There were even very few “happy holidays”.

          • Re: Bah Humbug

            I was the only one to ever bother posting to the announce newsgroup, I think.

            I’m amused by the Flash. Think of all the things they could use it for, like interactive demos. But all they’ve actually done is simulate a bunch of hyperlinks and an animated gif.

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