Dumb Britain

From today’s Weakest Link:

Anne Robinson: In 1743, which British King was the last to lead an army into battle: Edward VIII or George II?

Contestant: Edward VIII

From a Celebrity Weakest Link shown over Christmas:

Anne Robinson: What is the sum of the number of sides of a square and the number of sides of a triangle?

Edwina Currie: The hypotenuse.

I’ve sent these to Private Eye for consideration for their Dumb Britain column.



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2 responses to “Dumb Britain

  1. Anonymous

    First one

    How is that dumb? Not everyone was taught in the British schools and memorised the names, numbers and years of all the kings and queens.

    • Re: First one

      I wondered whether someone would say that. I think the first one’s dumb because Edward VIII is famous for abdicating to marry a divorcee, and it was only in 1936. You don’t need a degree in royalty to know the answer.

      (Mind you, there was a time I could recite the names and dates of all monarchs since 1066. I can still do some of them, but the rest have been pushed out of my brain by TV trivia.)

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