Don’t Ask

In the last few months two new restaurants have opened next to each other on Bridge Street. La Tasca we visited for Chef’s birthday. Last night we ate at Ask.

It’s part of the Ask chain, naturally. Italian food, can’t really go wrong. But it was significantly less busy than La Tasca when we arrived, which was ominous. We had a table by the window. Hmm, OK, but you feel a bit on display.

We ordered a bottle of the Pinot Grigio, but they were out. We also ordered the Chardonnay, which arrived warm, and we had to ask for an ice bucket. I got Chris to swap my wine glass for one from another table, as mine was pretty filthy – smeared and fingerprinted. Not too impressed so far.

Starter: Mushrooms stuffed with this’n’that, garlic, etc. Nicely presented, pretty good.

Main course: Panzerotti con Ricotta e Spinaci, I think it said. Again, nicely presented and pretty good (v. tasty sauce), though my portion seemed a little measly compared to the spag carbonara alongside.

I felt obliged to have a dessert. Tarte Tatin, again pretty good, though maybe a touch small. Picky picky.

Chef didn’t seem a fan of the wine, though I had no complaints. The six of us got through three bottles anyway.

Toilets were posh.

Overall? Well, maybe “Don’t Ask” isn’t entirely fair, but it makes a good headline. They need to sort out those pesky little things, like clean glasses, chilled wine, and reasonable portions. Give ’em another couple of months.

Avaragado’s rating: three mushrooms.



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2 responses to “Don’t Ask

  1. Anonymous


    I love sitting next to restaurant windows. It makes me feel even more like one of the Beatiful Ones than I usually do.

    Plus you can people watch.

    • Anonymous

      Re: windows

      Yes, but you can only watch the kind of people who walk in front of restaurant windows. And in Britain, they ain’t pretty!

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