Did we take off yet?

We’re on an Airbus A320 (thought Roger would like to know, so he
can check out its crash statistics). It’s a smoo-oo-th takeoff and
seemingly a shorter flight than I remember. I make a start on Volume 7 of
Spike Milligan’s war diaries, Peace
, which I picked up in Waterstones yesterday. Chris plugs
into his iPod for the duration.


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  1. Anonymous


    My shorthaul plane of choice (up to 2500 miles). It is all fly by wire, and has a huge set of modes. Lets just say that “vi” is easier. Most of the crashes have been of the “I told it to go faster and higher but it thought we were in landing mode.” (Usually followed by an admission that the wheels were down, the plane was descending and the flaps were extending. What the hell was the plane supposed to think).

    The good news is that flying them is like playing a video game. The younger your pilot the safer you will be.

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