Ooh, mountains, snow, etc

Arrive Verbier. Apartment is huge compared to previous
skiing holiday experience. No bunk beds! Space for cat-swinging! We
unpack then meet up with Barrie and Mikey in the centre of town.

We head for the Médran cable car station to sort out our ski
passes. The woman behind the counter wears a Union Jack badge but
maybe she’s just a fan – she doesn’t speak English, at least not to
us. After lots of faffing, and despite her pointing to various
unpleasant weather forecasts, we sign up for six-day all-area
passes. Kerching. We get new-style keep-in-pocket ski passes, no need
to wave them at surly people in booths, just waft your pocket near an
automatic detector. It’s the way of the future I tell you.

Next, skis and boots. We go to Médran Sports, near our
apartment. The boots are as usual tough to get into (and out of), but
I find mine pretty comfy. I gulp and ask to hire snowblades rather
than big boys’ skis. Pas de problème, m’sieur. Barrie gives me
a strange look; he reckons I’ll be bored with them after a day. Well,
if I am, I’ll just come back and exchange them.


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