Le Caveau

Barrie and Mikey will join us as long as it’s “posh” (not pizza or
pasta) as they can eat dinner for “nothing” at their hotel. (Mikey’s
dinners there seem to consist of the standard dinner, minus meat, plus

We decide to try Le Caveau, which looks expensive but fits Barrie’s
requirements, and has fondue on the menu. And you can’t have an alpine
skiing holiday without fondue, can you?

I order vegetable soup and a fondue a la tomate, with potatoes. An
odd but surprisingly tasty combination. Think boiled potatoes with a
melted cheese/tomato sauce and a hefty price tag. It’s excellent,
anyway. Lots of bread, decent wine.

Barrie out-Chefs Chef in the loud drunk stakes. There’s a long
discussion about democracy, the EU, Bush, etc; I hear Chris betting
when religion would be mentioned, but he’s out by approximately ten

The bill comes to about £45 a head. I don’t think we’ll be visiting
again this holiday…

Mikey, Barrie, Chef and Andy return to Big Ben for more pool; Chris,
Melanie and I head back to the apartment.


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