La Pergola

We hunt for somewhere to eat. Chef wants to go to the “Asian
Fusion” place, but he’s outvoted. Instead we end up at La Pergola,
another Italian.

While waiting for our food we’re harrassed by a very insistent
woman taking photos. She eventually takes no for an answer; the lesson
here is to never pick on Melanie! We watch the photographer try her
luck with other diners. One or two succumb, and then no doubt regret
it as she makes them pose and adjusts their hair.

Food’s very good. Bruschetta ai Funghi (the waitress didn’t
understand my “funghi”; how do you speak in Italian in French? I end
up saying “mushrooms – champignons” and pointing at the menu) and a
Linguine. I can’t eat it all.

After the meal Chef rushes off to Big Ben for more pool with Barrie
and Mikey. The rest of us return to the apartment and, variously,
beds, books or TV. Andy’s suffering with his cold tonight; Chris
reckons he might have picked up something too. I am, so far, fine.


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One response to “La Pergola

  1. Anonymous

    “Asian Fusion”

    You forget to mention that he tried to convince us every evening to go to the “Asian Fusion” place

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