Repairs, playing cards and a moving carpet

Something’s up with one of my snowblades. Ah, the back wotsit that
is supposed to fit snugly against the heel of my boot has become
disengaged. I put it back together again and cross my fingers.

Andy has trouble putting on his skis; oh, the language!

On the piste, Andy needs to lean forward more. Melanie’s doing OK.
They both need to ski more to get their confidence up. Half-way down
the first run I stop and talk to Melanie; for some reason there are
half a dozen playing cards on the piste ahead. They don’t seem to
belong to anyone, being half-buried in the snow, so I take one as a

I notice that the drag lift has stopped. This often happens, but
usually it springs into life again after a few seconds. This time it
stays stopped, long enough for people to get fed up waiting and jump
off. The only option left is the moving carpet: oh the shame!

We go up and down a few times. I get Andy to try lifting his uphill
ski off the ground during a traverse, to help him lean down the hill
and to recognise that he’s in control and won’t suddenly fall over. He
does it, too. Not sure he’s convinced though!


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