Verbier video

The Verbier 2004 skiing video has now had its world premiere at Avaragado Towers, so now it’s available to all. See the current Avaragado Pictures movie selection.


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11 responses to “Verbier video

  1. Anonymous


    The download speed is the same as a 56k modem! I am hoping that one day it may finish downloading.

    I also note that you are being a Microsoft shill. You can be “open” by using mpeg4. (No, not Microsoft’s bastardisation of mpeg4, or Apple’s).

    • Re: See?

      I’ve got a 256K upload rate so it should be faster than that. Maybe there was a Demon glitch.

      Can you point me to a decent converter so I can produce mpeg4? Premiere 6.5 doesn’t speak it. Stuff I’ve found on the net is rubbish.

      • Anonymous

        Re: See?

        FFmpeg seems to do a good job. If you want to start a new rant, try mplayer on Linux. It is amusingly user hostile, yet actually does the trick.

        • Re: See?

          I’ve spent a couple of hours battling with ffmpeg. It seems very keen to screw up the audio – to the extent that if I convert A to B and then use B as the source for another conversion, it doesn’t recognise the audio codec info it wrote in B itself not two minutes before in this very boutique.

          I have yet to successfully create an mp4 file with working audio and video. I can, however, crash various PC media players on demand.

      • st1

        Re: See?

        Is this a good time to mention my 6Mbps/600kbps DSL?

        Thought not.

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