Happy birthday to me

I guess I can’t get away with saying “early 30s” any more. It’s definitely “mid 30s” now.

Turning 35 means that I suddenly find myself part of a different demographic. The box I tick is now “35-49” instead of “18-34”. I am officially a cardigan-wearing, slipper-collecting, Radio 2-listening middle-aged man.

I’ve done my best to subvert this on day one of the new demographic by buying myself some new jeans and trainers and a new shirt. I’m not “trying to regain my youth” – I’ve always worn jeans and trainers and don’t see any reason to change. I’m a kidult I suppose (though I’ve never read Harry Potter, nor The Amber Spyglass).

I thought about finishing with a comedy burst of yoof-speak, but then realised I don’t actually know any. Phat, is that one?



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3 responses to “Happy birthday to me

  1. Anonymous

    My tests

    You leave being a “youngster” when you start worrying about saving for your retirement, and especially when you actually start doing so.

    The next test is at what point do you consider the music “youth” listen to to be crap. I can confirm that most of what TOTP lists I consider complete and utter unadulterated crap. But I assume it is the “youth” buying it.

  2. Anonymous


    How corrct you are…..’phat’ is yoofspeak.
    When somebody says that I’m phat, I now consider it a compliment and not a dig about my size.
    Another good word is ‘innit’…….try using this at the end of every entence, it’s great innit.

  3. Anonymous


    On April 15, you mentioned that you’re a slipper-collecting middle-aged man. What kind of slippers do you collect?

    Just curious.

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