Dazed and confused

Last August 20th just before redundancy, Avaragado shut down his development box, boston. It had served him for several years, desktop and server. Once sat proudly beside him, boston had been relegated to the server room to skulk beneath some more impressive towers. But they’d had fun together, boston and Avaragado. It was with a sigh and maybe a hint of moistness around the eye region that he’d wrapped it up and shipped it off in Bob’s Big Van to the other place, to serve a new master, to be the plaything of Mr Hall.

But Mr Hall had other toys. Boston lay unwanted. Unpowered. Until its former owner called again, contracted to the Squid to update a training course.

And so, eight months later, they are reunited. Today boston woke for the first time since that muggy August day. Dazed and confused, blinking in the sunlight, wondering where its network was, with a nagging dependency on tools.cid and not altogether sure of its name, but alive once more.

But his former master is fickle. He has another server now. And a Powerbook. And he’s paying the electricity bill. Boston had better watch out.


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