Say cheese

Went to Andy and Lisa’s yesterday to act as official portrait artiste (AKA most available person with camera) for Lucy’s first photo call aged four days. You’ve probably seen one of the photos, Andy mailed it to a million people. If you haven’t, think of Winston Churchill, all babies look like Winston Churchill.

Tiny thing, talking already.

(Ear-splitting cries mainly.)

Some of the other photos have come out well. In one Lucy has already apparently mastered the “please point that camera away from me” expression.

Lisa allowed/made me hold Lucy for a few minutes. I emerged unscathed, and so did she. I successfully failed to drop her. Lisa did graciously offer to let me change Lucy’s nappy, but I decided that Andy’s invitation to look round their soon-to-be-extension was more tempting. Anyway, green’s not my colour.


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