Avaragado update, wherein fate is tempted

I think my back must be going through one of its moods. The sciatica eased up over the weekend, possibly helped by me standing up for most of it. So far this week things have gone more or less back to how they were a few weeks ago. I get some twinges now and then, and a vague feeling that things have shifted a bit, but overall I’m happier than I was on Saturday morning. I suspect I’m turning into one of those people (© Denis Norden) who can tell when the weather’s going to change by the creak of their joints.

In other news, I’m apparently an “acclaimed technical author”. At least that’s what Bango’s calling me in the cover letter they’re sending out with my book to, er, whoever they’re sending it out to. I saw my first printed copy today. Found a typo, naturally, but overall I’m pleased with it. The final title is Practical Guide to Making Money on the Mobile Internet. It even has a price on the back – £19.99.

And finally, squiddy himself is the newest member of the exsquiddies. Tarantella has rebranded, and replaced the logo. The product now has its fourth name in seven years: Tarantella Tarantella Enterprise II Tarantella Enterprise 3 Tarantella Secure Global Desktop, Enterprise Edition. Secure Global Desktop for short. Hmm, SGD. Sgiddy? Never mind, forget I said it.


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  1. Anonymous

    One page

    You only needed one page – it would describe how you write a practical guide to making money on the mobile internet, and send half your proceeds up the chain. The book would only contain one page …

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