Quiet please

I’ve just delivered a beta release for the TTA SGD EE training course, and now I’m writing a multiple-choice exam for the students. I think I’d prefer to be taking the exam rather than writing it.

It’s not so much coming up with the questions (mind you, I need about 200) but figuring out the three wrong answers for each. I know the theory: one right answer, one nearly right answer, and two madly wrong answers. I just don’t think I’m programmed to create wrong answers. I think I might burn out a valve and start to smoke, like computers in Star Trek.

So I’m prevaricating a bit. Writing blog entries and the like.

It’s very enlightening to read the multiple-choice exam for the previous iteration of this course. It includes gems like the following:

  1. What tools does Tarantella Enterprise 3 provide for administration?
    • The Control Center
    • The Object Manager and the Array Manager
    • The Control Center and the Object Manager
    • All of the above

The correct answer is marked as, guess what: D. (It should be B.)



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3 responses to “Quiet please

  1. st1

    Multiple choice

    The general rule of thumb is to create one answer that’s completely implausible. For instance:

    What tools does Tarantella SGD EE provide for administration?

    1. The Control Center
  2. The Object Manager and the Array Manager
  3. The Control Center and the Object Manager
  4. Geoff Hurst in the 1966 World Cup