A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Will meet again” – Your Spectrum, September 1985 (scan of first page)

18 months later, they paid me £25 for my contribution to this article. (I’d written a complete article, and included a map; I think the only thing that remained was the general flow of my text – all the words had changed… I think I’ve still got my original somewhere, in dot-matrix format.)



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3 responses to “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

  1. Anonymous


    How did you actually send your text in? Did you have to print it out and have them retype it? (That would bring me a small amount of joy for the mnay hours I spent typing stuff in from the magazines).

    And I nominate the Spectrum ROM disassembly as the best computer book ever.

    • Re: How?

      I gave them a nice little printout from my dot matrix printer. But this was 1985: I suspect the magazine was still laid out with pasteboards and glue.

      (ISTR I bought the game, spent the next week hacking it, mapping it and writing the article, and took map and article to a ZX Microfair where Your Sinclair had a stand. They took the article, expressing some surprise at how fast I’d written it, but didn’t want the map.)

      I agree with you about the ROM disassembly. It’s available online now somewhere. I still have my copy in a box.

      • st1


        Sadly, I fear that the Speccy ROM disassembly book would be illegal were it published in the US these days. How times change.

        I agree that it was awesome though.

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